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Peggy Chaney

Christmas – 2011

Here we are again. Seems before we know it,  another year has gone!  THE YEAR OF OUR LORD’S BIRTH!  I am proud to announce to the world that HE is my risen Lord and He has allowed me 78  yrs. to enjoy Christmas again and again! Ain’t GOD good??? I have three brothers and five […]

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Sitting In The E.R.

Sitting here in the E.R. waiting to see if my blood is too thin, since I am having nose bleeds. All the nurses sitting around, laughing and talking just as if no one is in this little room. I came in at 4 p.m. I want to see how long it takes someone to see […]

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A terrible act!!

You know something? Every time I think I have heard it all concerning rotten things some people do,I get shocked again! One of my friends and residents of our apartment building,is fighting fourth stage cancer and has been in and out of the hospital for months. While she was in there last,someone stole all of […]

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My niece Terry Greene

We just learned that my precious niece Terry Green (Jack and Helen’s daughter) has cancer! Terry is one of the twins! They haven’t found out yet,if it has spread! Terry has been through a lot in the last few years but she belongs to God and she has held tightly to His hand! Start praying […]

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My Encounter!

Chico and I were just leisurely walking around our apartment building this morning! Leisurely means Chico was taking his own good time finding a suitable place to use the bathroom!  I was just enjoying the beautiful day, looking at the flowers I had just potted the day before! Chico took me up one hill and […]

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My Hope Jar

Kevin and Victoria sent me some things for my birthday and my favorite thing was a Hope Jar filled with little hand written notes by both of them so that when I was blue or feeling down,as we all get once and awhile,I am to reach in and pull out notes from them to make […]

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My Birthday

My heart is so full of love and appreciation for all the wonderful wishes for my birthday! It makes an ol’ girl like me feel so good, that you would take time out of your busy day to send wishes my way! God has blessed me so much since I have been on Face book! […]

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Easter cantata by Eastside Baptist Church “Because We Believe” !

I would like to invite all my Facebook friends to EASTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH this Sunday morning for the Cantata “Because We Believe”. Eastside has an awesome choir with an awesome music director,Elisabeth (Liz) Hill! I have sung in quite a few choirs in my 78 years and in my opinion Liz is one of the […]

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A Heart Throb From Yesteryear

It was at Food Lion yesterday! I was busily buying groceries  and just happened to look down the aisle. Can it be? Yes it was!! IT was!! My heart throb from nearly fifty years ago! He was looking at me in the same way I was looking at him.  When he got to where I […]

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Sherry’s at Home!!! PRAISE GOD!!

Brought Sherry home about noon! They wouldn’t bring her home in an ambulance unless she paid $300.Said she had to be bedridden before they could bring her home! and because she was able to walk to the bathroom(With help)they couldn’t send her home in an ambulance! Never mind that she was operated on for a […]

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