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Another journey for Sherry!

Sherry has had a rough day! They finally put a tube down her throat to pump her stomach! I can’t hardly keep the tears away,to see her go through so much! So sick, with her left arm in a cast! They took her down for a cat-scan tonight and finally found that she has an […]

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My sister Sherry

Sherry is having it rough! They can’t seem to find out why they can’t control her vomiting and diarrhea. What we do know is- she has Kidney stones,A hernia from the colostomy and A partially blocked left ventricle! Two different doctors has been in to see her today! She hasn’t eaten anything since Monday! Just […]

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A Letter to Jim Childers

Jim, Here is a copy of my attorney telling me what I have to do to about your not getting my money to me like you are supposed to do! He’s just waiting for me to give him the go-ahead! I’ve tried to look at this in a Christian way but after sitting here and […]

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Rest In Peace, Barb

I was just informed this morning of the home going of one of my childhood friends! We lived near each other for years. My sister Loretta played with Barb all the time ! I can still see their mother Josie in my minds eye and hear her voice when she called one of her children […]

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Where you are Nearest to God!

Early yesterday morning, my friend Libby, her son Warren and I left for a sight seeing trip to the mountains! We were hoping the leaves had turned, and we were delighted to find out they were, and simply breathtakingly beautiful! We went somewhere near Hendersonville and took the Blue Ridge parkway! I’m telling you, I […]

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Homecoming / Home-Going!

What  wonderful words – Homecoming and Home-going!  I attended one of my very sweet friends Home-going Saturday afternoon! She lived in the apartments next door to mine and she was like a breath of fresh air to all who knew her! It didn’t matter that we were of a different skin color! Thank God there […]

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My Dear Sweet Friend Sam

I have been a resident of a Senior complex for quite a few years now!  I have a lot of friends here but ONE stood out in front of the others!   It was because of her jolly spirit and gift of making you laugh that she did so! She would walk up to our apartment […]

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Peggy and The Devil

Man, it’s funny how you think you’ve put the past behind you!  Then something (just a small something) throws you right back into the past!  When I married my last husband, way back in 1970, I was looking for something and someone who could make old hurts and heartaches go away!  He seemed to be […]

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A Wonderful Miracle

That’s the way I felt yesterday morning, as I sat in Second Baptist Church, listening to the minister who was my pastor for nearly thirty something odd years. He wasn’t just my Pastor, he was my friend and brother. My whole family felt the same way about him. I remember the first time I ever […]

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My Friend Libby’s Son, Warren

This has been a sad week for all of us who know Libby and her son Warren.  He has been semi-separated from his wife, Marla, for close to two years but went everyday to help her with her invalid mother or to fix anything she needed fixing. He was constantly called over there to either […]

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