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Happy Birthday To Our Richard!

God swept him into our lives like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day! He was in the navy and came to Kings Mountain with another sailor to visit his parents! The first thing he did was sweep my niece Teresa off her feet!  She wound up marrying him and off to Georgia they […]

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the dearest, kindest souls I ever had the privilege of knowing and loving! It was my DADDY’s birthday! I’ve had him on my mind for the last few days. Thinking about those laughing  brown eyes and that smile he had! I’ve thought about the different brothers and sisters […]

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Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mothers birthday! When I think about mama, a sweet peaceful feeling comes over me!  She was a quiet, funny, wonderful woman.  But she would tan our hides when we disobeyed her or talked back to her! So many precious memories steal over me. It seems in every memory, she is working in […]

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Happy Birthday to my Sister Sue!

Today is someone specials birthday! It is my sister Sue, who is 82 yrs. old today! I have always looked up to her! When we were growing up, I thought she was the sweetest, kindest person in the whole wide world. Well… there was the one time that I changed my mind, for about an […]

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My Sweet Victoria

When she walked into my life, she was like a welcoming ray of sunshine!  She and Kevin had been friends for years but I had never met her face to face. I talked to her by e-mail a lot and Kevin would say “Mama, she is exactly as she seems to be”. But I didn’t […]

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My Son’s Birthday

Today is your birthday, a very extra special day to me because I always go back to the beginning .The day God smiled down on me and gave me such a wonderful gift! I always knew you were special from the day I first looked at you!  Those shining brown eyes and sweet smile have […]

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"Our angel sister Edith and Ol' chubby chaney standing behind her ,as usual , a pan in her hand!" ~ Mama Peggy, May 21, 2010

My Sister Edith

God did as I  asked Him to do, for the past few days! He lovingly reached down and picked my precious sister up in His loving arms and carried her to Heaven to be with Him eternally! As her sons and her grandson and I surrounded her bedside, Jerry prayed a beautiful prayer, thanking God […]

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Why is it that families never come together until deaths, weddings or some special event?  I know this is a fast paced world we are living in, but we should all keep in touch more than we do! It doesn’t take long to pick up a phone and tell someone that you love “I  miss you” or […]

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My Sister Edith

We have known for a week now that my sister is dying.  She has been in severe pain for the last few weeks and has prayed constantly for God to take her home to be with Him. It’s been terrible for her family and her sisters and brother to watch, feeling so helpless, watching this […]

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Kevin With A Hat

Happy Birthday to My Son

Today is your forty-fourth birthday and my mind has gone back to the day you were born. I was so cocky about having a baby. After all, my mama had birthed eleven babies. I would say “Shoot, my mama had eleven! I know I can have one!” But it seemed you were hesitant to come […]

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