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My Comedian Brother Jack

In every family, I think, there is one person who stands out in one way or another. In my family it is Jack, who is two years older than myself. In other words, he is the one word we do not like to think about!  He is OLD! (Sorry about that Jack, but it’s true). I […]

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Thinkin’ About My Mama

I don’t know why, but for the last few weeks I have had Mama on my mind. I’ve been remembering so many things.  My mama was just fifteen when her mother died from complications from Asthma. Back then nothing much could be done for asthmatics. They didn’t have inhalers and steroids that one can just […]

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Libby’s Journey

This is so hard!  Having to watch your best friend die!  She was supposed to go on a trip to the Outer Banks with her son but couldn’t make it. The Hospice nurse tells us to let her do exactly what she feels like doing because she is dying and it wouldn’t matter where it […]

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My Baby Sister Sherry’s Birthday

I just can’t believe that the youngest of the “Chaney Bunch” is 71 years old today. I’ve been thinking a lot, the last few days, of Sherry and all the mischief the three of us got into growing up (Loretta, Sherry and myself). Can you imagine dragging your little sister along everywhere we went, just […]

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“Happy BirthDay to Our Friend”by “Sis” Chaney

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRIEND We’ll always think of you as one, Who will always be a friend, As friendship is a loving bond, to which there is no end, And as the years go by we hope, that you will always be, As warm and friendly as you’ve been, to people such as we. […]

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“His Presence”written by Dot “Sis” Chaney

His Presence I may never live to see My life completely trouble free, Or walk a straight and narrow road, and carry not a heavy load, I’ll never see around a bend, or riches at the rainbows end, But I can walk with head held high, and notice soft clouds drifting by, feel the sunshines […]

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My Sister, My Friend,”Sis” As We All Called Her!

I had a dream last night about my sister, “Sis”.  In the dream I was rolling her hair. She was going home to Georgia, where she lived with her daughter Teresa and her husband Richard. I was crying, as I didn’t want  her to leave to go home. When I woke up I couldn’t get […]

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My Nephew Joe

The sanctuary was hushed as Tommy brought his mother, my sweet sister Edith, in a wheel chair down to the front, followed by her other three sons, wives and their children, grand children, her sisters, brother, etc.  There in a casket, surrounded by flowers, lay her middle son Joe. Jerry had found him dead Tuesday […]

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Lucille Chaney Gladden at the original restaurant.

My Hero, My sister, Lucille

I sat beside her bed as she slept, tracing my finger along her arm and hand. The room was darkening as the sun was slowly setting outside.  How did she get here? What happened to this wonderful woman, who spent her whole life trying to look after everyone else? She was the oldest of eleven […]

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Remembering My Daddy

Every time I walk into Eastside Baptist Church, I think of my beloved daddy and how much he loved that church. Before it was a church, tent meetings were held in the field (where the church was later built). I was very young but the fondest memory I have of that time, was the night […]

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