The Lovelace Reunion

Kevin, Sue, Debbie and I went to the Lovelace reunion in Gaffney, South Carolina today. We had a really good time. They sure are lovely people with a keen sense of humor. Especially Geraldine’s daughter and granddaughter J.J. We laughed and laughed at them. Such a pity Bob didn’t know them. I blame that soully […]

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Tonya Brought Back The Van

Tonya and Pam brought the van back tonight (or today). I try so hard to act natural around Tonya, but it is sure nerve-wracking. I care about her because I have always felt sorry for her in a way because of her past relationship with her family. Part of me wants to twist her head […]

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Went To See Edith Today

Sue and I went to see Edith today. She was in a good mood but she has another bad toe. A specialist was called in because the toe was infected. Sure hope she doesn’t lose that leg also. Helen is in the hospital at Kings Mountain Hospital. She had an operation on her hip. He […]

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Now Everything Is Different

Just talked to Tonya and she said it would be Friday before she brought the van. Life sure does take some twists and turns along the way. Just a few months ago things were fine and now everything is different. Kevin is on Crecent Hill, Tonya is in Charlotte and I am at Erskine Court. All three […]

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One Day This Place Will Seem Like Home

Went over to Kevin’s house to check the mail and feed Stripe. Was pleasantly surprised to find that Epes truck sitting in the driveway and to find Kevin at home. He had come by to take a shower and nap before hitting the road again. I am so proud of my apartment, but feel a […]

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Dear Lo

July 9th 2003 Dear Lo, Well, Honey, I’ve made it a whole year without you. I remember so well this day last year when I walked into your bedroom and found that you had left without me. God had reached down and picked you up and took you home to be with him. But you […]

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April Fools Day

Well, today is April Fools Day! How well I remember the fun we had pulling joked on each other on this day (at the cafe). My those were good days. So many have gone on to be with the Lord. Ken Broome. Rene. Lucille. Sis and Loretta. Muriel. They are all waiting for me. Along […]

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Drawing Blood

Teresa has just left to take Sis to the Dr.’s office to have her blood checked. The nurse from Hospice tried to draw some blood from Sis’ arm Friday but wasn’t able to get much. Her arms looks pretty bad. I had to leave out of the room because I’m “chicken”. Sis is the only […]

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Today Is Mama’s Birthday

Today is Mama’s birthday. She has been gone for over 35 years and there is still times that I miss her so bad and would just give anything if I could have one of those talks we used to have. Somehow Mama could always make things right. She seemed to be to just look at […]

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