Chaney Family Photos

Lots of old Chaney family photos from Mama Peggy’s family, the Chaney bunch centered around Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Barbara Haynes, Peggy Chaney, Loretta Chaney Belle Moss Cloer, March 1971 Belle Moss Cloer, Lawrence Cloer, Winnie Moss, Ervin Cloer. Before 1914. Rev. & Mrs. B.F. Austin Back Row: Johnny Chaney, Grady Chaney, Loretta Chaney, Sherry Chaney, Robert Chaney, Peggy Chaney, Edith Chaney, Jack Chaney and Doretha "Sis" Chaney. Front Row: Martha Sue Chaney, Lucille Chaney Lucy Wilson Chaney, Rev. Robert L. Chaney, Joey Chaney, Peggy Chaney, Winnie Moss Chaney, Helen Weaver Chaney and Jack Chaney Loretta Chaney, Sherry Chaney, Lucy Wilson Chaney, Peggy Chaney, Edith Chaney Millwood, Pat Chaney, Martha Sue Chaney, Lucille Chaney Chaney reunion. — with Lucille Chaney, Robert Chaney, Rev. Robert L. Chaney and Clyde Gladden Rev. & Mrs. B.F. Austin, Kate Chaney Grady, Lucille & Robert Chaney Jack Chaney and Patti Johnny Chaney Johnny Chaney, Martha Sue Chaney, Wesley Falls Loretta Chaney Loretta Chaney Second Baptist children's choir. — with Lucille Chaney Gladden, Peggy Chaney and Loretta Chaney Back row: Betty Gladden, Peggy Chaney, Loretta Chaney. Front row: Becky Blackston, Sherry Chaney Peggy & Martha Sue Chaney Rev. Robert L. Chaney Rev. Robert L. Chaney performing a baptism Rev. Robert L. Chaney Martha Sue & Doretha "Sis" Chaney Theodore Cloer, husband of Belle Moss Cloer Rev. William Vandiver Moss Winnie Moss Chaney, Doug Gladden Winnie Moss Chaney, 1960 Winnie Moss Chaney Winnie, Teresa and Robert L. Chaney

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  1. Cassidy Cloer January 10, 2017 at 9:12 pm #

    I almost cried when I found this, because Van Moss is my 3rd great-grandfather and I have been searching for him for a long time. I also had no idea that Winnie Moss re-married. Thank you so much for sharing your family and the pictures you have. It means the world to see Van’s face.

    • Cassidy Cloer January 10, 2017 at 9:20 pm #

      Oh my gosh. Now that I’m going through pictures I’m really going to cry! Lawrence is my great-grandfather and I’ve never seen a picture of him. Seeing him and Belle and Winnie is really wonderful!!!

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