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Sunshine and Warm Weather

What two wonderful days we have had this weekend.  Last weekend we were covered with a blanket of snow!  The snow was just absolutely beautiful, but cold on the bones of all the seniors here at our senior complex.  Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse!  We just could not stay away from the windows though. […]

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The funniest thing happened to me this morning!  My friend Libby is an avid bird lover and has a bird feeder on her window. I was at her apartment this morning and a lot of different kinds of birds were flying around the feeder trying to fight to get their portion. All at once, Bump!, one […]

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Libby’s Journey

This is so hard!  Having to watch your best friend die!  She was supposed to go on a trip to the Outer Banks with her son but couldn’t make it. The Hospice nurse tells us to let her do exactly what she feels like doing because she is dying and it wouldn’t matter where it […]

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December 3

Today is always an exciting day for all the Seniors in our complex. It’s social security check day and every way you look, they are coming to our “post office”, located across the street to get their checks. Of course, we do that every day to get our REGULAR mail!! I told the mailman it […]

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My Little Place Is Starting To Come Together

Cleaned house and polished furniture today. Kevin is coming over and we are going to U-Haul in Gastonia to get some boxes to put Tonya’s things in. Then he is going to put up my curtain rods. My little place is starting to come together. I wish I had the money to really finish all […]

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My Birds Are Back

My birds are back this morning. It’s really amusing to watch them land on those young tree branches. I watched one land and he fell off from the weight of the branch. I guess they are having breakfast this morning. Uh oh! I just saw a squirrel run around the outside windowsill. I sure hope […]

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Now Everything Is Different

Just talked to Tonya and she said it would be Friday before she brought the van. Life sure does take some twists and turns along the way. Just a few months ago things were fine and now everything is different. Kevin is on Crecent Hill, Tonya is in Charlotte and I am at Erskine Court. All three […]

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One Day This Place Will Seem Like Home

Went over to Kevin’s house to check the mail and feed Stripe. Was pleasantly surprised to find that Epes truck sitting in the driveway and to find Kevin at home. He had come by to take a shower and nap before hitting the road again. I am so proud of my apartment, but feel a […]

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