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New Day!

It’s been awhile since I have had the time to write again.  Seems my days are filled with  running from one apartment  to the other!  I was sleeping like a baby, early this morning, when the phone rang. It was Betty in Apt. 4.  She said “Peggy, I’m on the floor again. Can you help […]

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Sunshine and Warm Weather

What two wonderful days we have had this weekend.  Last weekend we were covered with a blanket of snow!  The snow was just absolutely beautiful, but cold on the bones of all the seniors here at our senior complex.  Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse!  We just could not stay away from the windows though. […]

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The funniest thing happened to me this morning!  My friend Libby is an avid bird lover and has a bird feeder on her window. I was at her apartment this morning and a lot of different kinds of birds were flying around the feeder trying to fight to get their portion. All at once, Bump!, one […]

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Valentine’s Day

Now’s the time of year again when the Florist’s shops are working overtime to take orders and send flowers to sweethearts , wives, and  you name it. It makes your mind wander back to some other time, some other place. The one time I remember distinctly is the first Valentines day after Jim and I […]

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The Christmas Spirit

Everywhere you look, every time you turn on the T.V., or pick up a newspaper all you see and hear is the economy and the  mess we are in. Most everyone is looking for a way out and looking to our new President to help lead the way. Even in my own family, the way […]

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Libby’s Journey

This is so hard!  Having to watch your best friend die!  She was supposed to go on a trip to the Outer Banks with her son but couldn’t make it. The Hospice nurse tells us to let her do exactly what she feels like doing because she is dying and it wouldn’t matter where it […]

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Sherry and Her Journey

It seems like forever since I had the time to write another blog!!!   I have been so tied up trying to take care of Libby and Sherry both. Libby is hanging in there  but getting weaker everyday.  She is still such a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with her. That incredible smile she […]

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December 3

Today is always an exciting day for all the Seniors in our complex. It’s social security check day and every way you look, they are coming to our “post office”, located across the street to get their checks. Of course, we do that every day to get our REGULAR mail!! I told the mailman it […]

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