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Thinkin’ About My Mama

I don’t know why, but for the last few weeks I have had Mama on my mind. I’ve been remembering so many things.  My mama was just fifteen when her mother died from complications from Asthma. Back then nothing much could be done for asthmatics. They didn’t have inhalers and steroids that one can just […]

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New Day!

It’s been awhile since I have had the time to write again.  Seems my days are filled with  running from one apartment  to the other!  I was sleeping like a baby, early this morning, when the phone rang. It was Betty in Apt. 4.  She said “Peggy, I’m on the floor again. Can you help […]

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Sunshine and Warm Weather

What two wonderful days we have had this weekend.  Last weekend we were covered with a blanket of snow!  The snow was just absolutely beautiful, but cold on the bones of all the seniors here at our senior complex.  Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse!  We just could not stay away from the windows though. […]

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Valentine’s Day

Now’s the time of year again when the Florist’s shops are working overtime to take orders and send flowers to sweethearts , wives, and  you name it. It makes your mind wander back to some other time, some other place. The one time I remember distinctly is the first Valentines day after Jim and I […]

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Weight Watchers

Well, I’m back home in Kings Mountain after spending Christmas in St. Petersburg, Fla. with Kevin, Victoria and the girls. Everything seems kind of dull after being in that beautiful place. What a wonderful place to live but there is really nothing else like home when you are almost seventy-five years old. I have made […]

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Brand New Year

I just got back from spending Christmas with Kevin and Victoria in St. Petersburg. What a wonderful family Christmas!! The first FAMILY Christmas for Kevin and me in quite a few years. He seems so happy and at peace, so naturally I am feeling the same way. He has been through so much pain the […]

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It’s been a week since Kevin moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. I am both happy for him but very sad and lonely at the same time. I will be alright though because he has finally found someone in Victoria, that he can be happy with. She has been like ‘Sunshine On A Cloudy Day’ for […]

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